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Travelling without compromises

In the world of corporate travel as well as in business life reliability and cost-efficiency are the two most important values. With this end in

view, DSC takes its clients to any part of the world at uniquely favorable price compared to market prices. Our colleagues help you find your way around and organise the details of your business trips by means of our Personal Travel

Advisor service in order that everything can happen as you wish. It might as well be either car renting or organising an incentive tropical adventure tour; you can use DSC Europe’s services without administration and transaction fees.

What can we do to help you?

Hotel reservation

Pursuant to its partner contracts, our company has access to significant contingents in different hotel chains, and consequently we can provide special corporate and leisure prices in an exclusive way with significant price advantage over our competitors.

A considerable part, around 40-50% of the travel expenses are related to hotel reservations, so our company pays special attention to find the most optimal price-value ratio for clients. With the help of our booking systems, you can select the most suitable offer out of 40 million up-to-date ones of 250 thousand hotels.

With the assistance of your Personal Travel Advisor, you can fully customize the details of your travel from planning the trip to arriving home. Our large hotel database contains 10 million pieces of different relevant hotel information, so our experienced colleagues can easily find the most suitable hotel for you.

Personal Travel Advisor

Personal Travel Advisor helps our clients free of charge so that they can find their way around the travel offers and arranges every detail of their trip.

Our advantages

  • 250 thousand hotels

  • 40 million offers

  • Personal Travel Advisor

  • No administration fee

  • Full scale administration

  • Outstanding price/value ratio

Our Partners

Safety, cost-efficiency

Our qualified colleagues’ competence and the contracts concluded with our worldwide appreciated partners can ensure full scale customer service coverage for our clients and the outstanding standard of the services.

DSC Europe wishes to contribute to its clients’ success in practice, by means of cost-optimization of their company travels. The controlling system provided for our clients is suitable to monitor and analyze company travel expenses, contributing to the optimization of the company’s travel expenses with reports and practical advices.

Flight ticket reservation

Thanks to our combined booking system, our company can choose the most optimal solution for you from offers of more than 1000 airlines. We can provide you with arranging the most suitable flight ticket, which is available at that time, without charging transaction and administration fees.

Acting on the market needs changed in the past few years, scheduled, low cost and charter airlines’ offers can be found among DSC Europe’s flight ticket assortment. This way our company also strives to optimize our clients’ journey from the aspects of both comfort and expense.

Our advantages

  • 1000 airlines

  • Scheduled, low cost and charter flights

  • Personal Travel Advisor

  • Zero transaction and administration fees

  • Full scale administration

  • Outstanding price/value ratio

With the help of our extended contact network and IT solutions, we provide our clients with flight tickets on the most favorable conditions.

Private jet rental

Renting private jets at business class price! Travel whenever you want, whoever you want with. With the help of our partners’ private jets, you can travel safe and fast taking 3 to 16 people from short-haul flights to 10.000-11.000 kilometer long overseas trips.

Incentive trips

Our company has a lot of experience in organizing team building and company incentive trips. We have organized dozens of incentive trips of high standard from planning to implementing every detail through the years. It can be cruise, sightseeing tour, exotic journey, round trip or special theme trip, DSC offers you and your company the best solution.

Our company takes good care of making your and your colleagues’ travel a memorable experience as well as cost efficient. Based on client’s requirements, we either increase significantly the prestige of incentive trips organized by us or cut costs on standard trips considerably.

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We would emphasize the role of cruises out of the team building trips, as they are conducive to integrating people into corporate community. Therefore, it is the most optimal solution to strengthen team spirit. The passengers have memorable experiences in each port, so it is a universal solution for both entertainment and team building.

Sightseeing tours

Out of the incentive tours, sightseeing tours can provide the most possibilities to take part in a wide range of optional programs, and the collective exploration of places of interest can connect colleagues forever. It is an excellent way of rewarding; still it is a cost-efficient solution.

Round trips

Reward your colleagues with an unforgettable round trip where the participants can visit some regions of a country or a continent, so they can gain insight, in an organized way, into the culture and sights of a certain nation.

Theme trips

It is one of the most popular form of the incentive trips. Take your colleagues and partners to an adventurous trip where you can create an unforgettable atmosphere around a central theme (e.g. the Winter Olympics).

Supplementary Travel Services

It can be either booking a flight ticket or hotel room or ordering a taxi, renting a car or a train ticket as well as organizing dinners and programs, arranging insurances and visas, our colleagues help you to know your way around and arrange the details of your trips exactly as you wish.

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