Be the guest of your own conference!

DSC Europe always regards meetings as special opportunities for companies. To connect. To generate value. To present the attendees with a meaningful cohesive experience with lasting impact. As a professional partner for your company DSC Europe has

successfully been organizing different types of meetings and events ranging from small company meetings for just a few to conferences of several thousand delegates. Our company offers a range of services to help integrate meetings and events into your business processes to optimize savings, improve process control and risk management and enrich attendee experiences.

Our goal is not only to save time and money for our clients but to present them with the experiences of really memorable and successful events.

In sync with you

You can always be reassured on the event we organize. Upon arrival our specialist has already been waiting for you at the carefully prepared venue. At the venue where everything is in the right place where everything is working properly where you can really be a guest of your own event. No need to organize, nor plan anything just attend and take care about what is really important – we have paid attention to everything else. Pursuant to the concept developed in accordance with your requirements and having your corporate culture and characteristics in sight, we pay attention to provide proper programs ensuring successfulness of your event. Our mission is to organize meetings and events which not only meet your expectations but surpass them.

Concerning your meetings & events we attach importance to be able to help you reach your objectives, maximize saving opportunities and increase transparency in your spending. Therefore, whether you would like to host an exlusive business dinner or arrange a big-time international conference, our consultative experts will collaborate with you from the planning stage of the event based on your unique requirements in order to find the proper venue and program suiting its characteristic and topic the most. Furthermore we will assist you to review your organization’s existing M&E policy and identify areas of opportunity for cost savings, risk mitigation and process improvement.

Personal assistance of our prepared experts and several years of experience along with the well-established industry contacts make our meetings & events smooth and successful.

The more can be less

  • How can you cut your costs without compromising your standards?

  • How can you raise the standard of your meetings & events without increasing their costs?

In co-operation with its international and domestic partners DSC Europe can guarantee to provide you with a wide variety of premium services at a considerably low price thanks to its diversified source portfolio and its numerous contracted room nights.

We explore the best selected venues, organize and execute your meetings & events for you at a very favorable price. So you can always be rendered tried-and-true, high quality services below the industry price level.

What can we do to help you?

  • Venue selection

  • Meet special requirements

  • Personal assistance

  • Planning the conception of events

  • Meetings & events execution

Our company undertakes the execution of the following types of meetings & events:

  • Business Lunches and Dinners

  • Gala Dinners

  • Business Conferences, Seminars and Conventions

  • Product Launches

  • Media Events

  • Professional and Team Building Trainings

Our main domestic partners

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