The outstanding part of the business of DSC group is the creation, operation and development of external supporting systems uniquely designed for our customers. Acting upon the clients’ requirements, we make up customized systems of which elements can be freely combined and changed.

DSC Europe in cooperation with its partners successfully operates different regional supporting systems (Loyalty Program) with the help of which, members can have the chance to take some advantages during their purchase in different forms.

Our Loyalty Systems

Club card based system

One of the most popular supporting systems is the club card based loyalty program with which the members can achieve an immediate price advantage during their purchase. Several companies use it for their subscribers, members, partners as this way the company’s marketing presence, as well as the club members’ loyalty and satisfaction can be improved easily.

The club card can hold benefits from all walks of life (food, clothes, catering etc), but it can also focus on specific industry such as travelling. In both cases, the members can achieve significant price advantage compared to market prices.

The club card service is recommended to those organisations and enterprises who would like to spend their marketing budget efficiently this way enhancing their members’ loyalty and appreciation of the company. Among our clients can be found firms, chambers, associations and network marketing companies.


  • It is an efficient marketing device

  • Improves member / employee satisfaction

  • Enhances appreciation of the organisation

  • Motivates members / sales representatives

  • Works as a community creator

  • Can be used in all walks of life

DSC cafeteria supplementary system

The latest innovation of DSC is a supporting system which can be used as a cafeteria supplementary, with the help of which the real value of the amount assigned to be spent on allowances can be multiplied by the employees during their purchase. Therefore an effective cost optimization can be reached by modifying the composition of cafeteria components.

Opposed to the traditionally set cafeteria system, with the DSC cafeteria supplementary you can not only give more allowances than you pay for but the amount available can also be used more widely and freely. Despite the set rates of the system, the amount of the allowances given can be changed flexibly anytime, so you can motivate or even sanction your employees.

On the one hand, the cafeteria supplementary system is recommended to those enterprises who would like to optimise their annual budget of fringe benefits in a way that they do not decrease the amount of the allowances. On the other hand, to those enterprises who have not yet introduced any cafeteria system due to initial expenses.


  • It goes beyond the set limits of cafeteria system

  • Significant optimization of company expenses can be reached

  • Improves employees’ satisfaction

  • Enhances appreciation of the organisation

  • Creates image of a good provider

  • Works as a community creator

  • Can be reached from a few thousands of forints a month

  • The amount of allowances can be freely modified

DSC Corporate card

DSC Corporate Card service mixes the DSC Europe’s meetings & events and corporate travel services, supplemented by additional services as well as special conference prices. Take advantage of DSC’s unique contingent prices all year round at a fixed rate irrespectively of seasons.

Our clients are provided with an unique customer service as well as an own booking system through which they can book business trips directly from travel organizers as if they had an own travel agency. Our special conference prices can be validated at several inland hotels as well as indirectly through our advisers.

DSC Corporate card service is offered to those enterprises that regularly organise different types of meetings & events, trips and courses, and would like to considerably rationalize the expenses spent by leaning on a reliable partner.


  • A significant optimization of expenses can be reached

  • Special contingent prices for the programmes

  • An unique customer service

  • An own booking system

  • A more than ten-million database continuously being updated

  • Full access to offers of hundreds of domestic and foreign travel organizers at one place

  • Zero transaction and administration fee

  • Comprehensive administration

Our advantages

  • Hungarian users: 250 thousand

  • Supporting systems operated for closed, large communities

  • Existing trust base

  • Can be used in all fields of life


  • Continuous marketing

  • Full-scale monitoring

  • Net settlement system (no unnecessary cash flow)

  • Outstanding customer service

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